Welcome My New Second Shooter!!

You guys, today is an EXCITING day. It's an exciting day because I am officially introducing you to Sparrow and Lace's new second shooter, Shannon!!

Choosing a second shooter was not an easy task, and BEING a second shooter isn't either.  I knew I wanted to find someone who shared my passion, as well as my belief that client relationships are the MOST important thing. I wanted to find someone who I could bounce ideas off of, and that had a style of shooting could blend easily with my own. I wanted to find someone that I could trust with my incredible clients, someone who would be genuine and who would care as much about them as I do. I needed someone who would be available almost every weekend, so my clients can have consistency, and know what to expect.

I also needed someone who wouldn't think I am crazy when I sing and dance in the car to stay awake on long rides home.

And when I met Shannon, I knew she would be the perfect fit.

SO, friends + clients, meet Shannon Beaston!






Some fun facts about Shannon:

  1. She's a twin. 

  2. She was planning on going to school to pursue criminal justice, but decided to chase her dream and pursue photography instead.

  3. She loves campfires. 

  4. Her favorite breakfast food is baked oatmeal. 

  5. She would rather be in the mountains than at the beach.




What I've learned about Shannon:

  1. She has awesome taste in music. 

  2. She shares my love for donuts. 

  3. She is ready and willing to be open + take on new adventures without hesitation.

  4. She is willing to help in any way to get the perfect shot. 

  5. She isn't afraid to skip the small talk and dive right into meaningful, rich conversation. Something I admire more than almost ANYTHING else in a person. 

  6. If she gets nervous or anxious, she sure doesn't show it. 


I am BEYOND excited to have Shannon on the team full time next year, and for what that means for all of my Sparrow and Lace brides + grooms.