Sparrow + Lace : What's New + Improved for 2015

Over the past few months, there's been quite a bit of changes taking place around here. I've totally rebranded, as well as launched a brand spanking new website!! This past year has been  incredible. I shot some absolutely stunning weddings, and met SO many amazing couples + clients. I've had opportunities that were a dream come true, and so many adventures, and through it all, I've learned so much. One of the most important things to me is making sure that my clients (YOU!) get the most amazing experience possible, and photographs/films that they absolutely adore. So with that being said, I just wanted to let you guys know of a couple of changes/updates/improvements that will be taking place at Sparrow + Lace in 2015!

/ /   N E W   S I T E   +   T O N S   O F   I N F O   / /

By now, most of you know I have a brand new website! But in case you haven't taken a look around yet, here are a couple new + helpful features:





/ /   B O U D O I R   A D D - O N S   / /

Something new I am offering to my brides for 2015 is a boudoir add-on for all wedding packages!! For an additional $100, I will arrive a little early and we can do a wedding day boudoir session! This is a perfect gift for your (almost) hubby + why not take advantage of one of the days you feel most beautiful?

/ /   F I L M S   / /

As many of you already know, I will be offering wedding + engagement films for 2015! Engagement films can be added onto wedding packages for an additional $250! 

Click here to see an example of an engagement film!

/ /   " D A Y   A F T E R "   S E S S I O N S   / /

This year, I am so excited to begin offering "Day After" sessions to ANY couples + all of my future bride and grooms who are interested! The wedding day itself can sometimes be chaotic, crunched for time, or there may just be a limit on where we can photograph! 

A "Day After" session is an additional portrait session with only the bride + groom in their wedding attire, AFTER the wedding day! This allows you to totally relax and not have to worry about rushing off to your reception, or making your guests wait! PLUS you get to wear your gorgeous wedding dress again, ladies! (Win!!) And guess what--it DOESN'T have to literally be the day after your wedding! It can take place anytime within a year of your wedding date!


-Maybe instead of a big wedding, you + your loved one had a small, intimate gathering with just family and didn't book a professional photographer. This allows you to get back in your wedding attire and get gorgeous wedding portraits that you didn't have a chance to get before!

-If you are stressed about the timeline of the day, this saves you from stressing at all! We will still get beautiful photos on your wedding day, but you don't have to worry about not getting enough due to lack of time, because we will have a whole other session in the future! 

-If you're having a destination wedding, this allows you to have some photos back home in your wedding attire as well!

-Even if you aren't worried about time, or have any photo-related stress at all, this option allows us to focus totally on the bride + groom, with no rules or limitations, and gives the option to be TOTALLY adventurous. We can photograph at locations that are totally unique and different, and push the envelope of wedding portraits. A "Day After" session allows you to have one-of-a-kind, super creative wedding portraits at ANY location. 

Best part? "Day After" sessions are only $200, and INCLUDE a disc with your photos!