My Philosophy


For me, being your photographer isn't just a job or a hobby, and it will not be impersonal. My goal is to make you feel as comfortable as I can, and capture not just stiff poses and forced emotions, but real, passionate moments full of raw, genuine emotion. This requires you to be vulnerable and honest with each other and with me, which can be scary, but trust me, it will be worth it! 

I believe relationships + marriages matter, I believe the simple things in life can be the most beautiful, and I believe that love should be what drives us. I believe in marriages that defy the odds, + I believe in marriages that are fought for.

I believe in love

If it sounds like you + I would be a good fit, contact me! I'd love to meet you, grab some coffee, and plan how to best capture your story!


Hello there, I'm Hannah!


I'm a full-time wedding photographer based out of a (very) small town in central Pennsylvania. Most days you'll find me snuggled up with my sweet husband in our funky-shaped home in the woods, surrounded by our two cats + pup. 

For me, photography was something that always seemed destined to be part of my path--even when I didn't know exactly how. Growing up, my dad often told me stories of high school memories in the dark room--skipping classes to go spend just a few more minutes developing photographs. 

Photography really became a part of my story after I photographed my first wedding (alongside my dad!) There was something so incredible about witnessing the start of a marriage, + being given the honor of capturing that monumental moment.

Now, I truly can't fathom having chose any other path in life than this.  


Meet the Team


f i v e   R A N D O M   F A C T S   A B O U T   H A N N A H :

1. I grew up living in a funeral home. (Think My Girl, but without the bees.)

2. I love tattoos, and have quite a few of them. 

3. I’m constantly inspired by warm, golden light + the desert.

4. I have three furbabies. A mini dachshund named Dobby, and two cats, Pickles + Banjo.  I also have 8 chickens!

5. I love reading, and Harry Potter will always be one of my favorites. I even have a Harry Potter tattoo—can you guess which one?


f i v e    R A N D O M   F A C T S   A B O U T   B R I :

1. I love anything and everything spooky! Ghost stories are my favorite.

2. I’m married to my high school sweetheart + we have three little ones. (5 if you count our pitbull and kittens.)

3. My snack of choice is hummus + my go-to coffees involve caramel.

4. I'm obsessed with everything baseball, and my family can definitely get a little competitive over simple tasks.

5. I love romantic walks down every single aisle of Target with a starbucks in hand.